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Turn tiktok videos
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Takes your instructional videos and transforms them into elegant, precise, and easily shareable written formats. All hosted on your own webpage.

How it works

Paste a link or upload your cooking video, and we'll automatically extract the info to create a written recipe.


We are currently operating as a free service

Chef's Palette

Transform cooking videos into monetizable written recipes on your personal website. Ideal for chefs and food bloggers at all levels.


  • Unlimited videos processed
  • Personal website creation and hosting
  • Founding member - same price for life
  • Priority customer service support
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Squarespace for chefs

Profesionally designed website

Introducing our professionally designed template for your webpage! Host it easily and enjoy automatic updates when you create new recipes. Customise, edit, and delete recipes effortlessly to make them truly yours. Stay tuned for more templates coming soon!

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